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Wymondham May Festival

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Programme of Events

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Car-parking for the day will be on the Sedley Sports Field towards the Melton end of the village, across the road from the School and Sedley Centre.  If you arrive in a vehicle, please do not leave it on any of the village roads.  The Rutland Flyer bus service runs between Melton and Oakham every couple of hours during the day, and then once an hour from mid-afternoon.

Toilets are at the School and nearby Sedley Centre; Berkeley Arms; Village Hall and Church (after 4:00pm).

There's a public telephone on Main Street almost opposite the Berkeley Arms, and one in the Village Hall.

The Red Cross will be in the Village Hall, along Church Lane (which is opposite the Post Office/Cottage Stores).

The Festival Co-Ordinator will be at a table near the bus shelter on the Village Green throughout the main part of the day.

Activities on the School field...

Junior 5-Aside Football Tournament

Running from 10:30am until lunchtime on the St Peter's Primary School playing field, with teams from Asfordby; Scalford; Sewstern; St Peter's Wymondham; plus another Wymondham-based team.

Fairground Organ

The 5-Aside Football Tournament will be accompanied by Mr & Mrs Healey's fairground organ from Oakham, sponsored by Wymondham Juniors Football Club.  There'll also be Hot Dogs and refreshments to add to the carnival atmosphere.

Obstacle Race

Test your agility and leap around like a Border Collie at Crufts!  You'll need to get two footballs from Point A (here) to Point B (there), so in your own time, on your marks: Go!

Pony Rides

Photo, pony ride, 72kB

Always popular with the youngsters, there'll be pony rides round the School field.  At lunchtime the School field events will finish and this activity will transfer to the Village Green.

Folk Singers

At 12:30pm a troupe of singers will lead the procession from the School to the official opening of the Festival on the Village Green at 1:00pm. Singing will take place around the village during the day.

Activities on the Village Green...

May King & Queen

The May King & Queen (chosen by the drawing of lots by non-partisan parties), will open the Festival, present prizes, confirm honours and no doubt order heads to roll.  They should be assisted by the girls of the 105.4 Leicester Sound Black Thunder Crew.  Whoohoo!

Maypole Dancing

After a hunt for the hole and the pole, and many hours confuzzulating the dancers, Wymondham is all set to welcome the Spring on the Village Green at 1:30pm.  On the extreme off-chance that the weather should be inclement, an emergency Backup Plan B shall be set in motion.

Morris Dancing

Photo, Morris Dancers, 22kB

Morris Dancing will take place on the Village Green at 2:00pm and outside the Berkeley Arms at 3.00pm.  It's a great way to settle old scores, so impromptu battles dances will occur all over the village.

Grand Prize Giving

On the Village Green at 4:30pm for general back-slapping and jeering and finishing off the beer.  Please see below for further games and stalls on the Green.

Activities at the Berkeley Arms...

Photo, The Berkeley Arms, Wymondham, 17kB

Our village pub will be open throughout the day, so do drop in to wet your whistle and have a simple meal.  Jeff the Chef will certainly welcome you back for something more elaborate at a later date.  We offer warm thanks to Jeff and Brigitte and Punch Taverns for their support of the Festival.

Bale Tossing

From 2:00pm at the Berkeley Arms with prizes for the best Senior and Junior Tossers of the Day (it says here).  With grateful thanks to Messrs Holman, Gresham & Watkins for the supply of Olympic-standard bales, used for diverse purposes all around the festival.


Also at the Berkeley Arms.  A rope of adequate strength has been promised, but the winning team may be required to use it to haul off the old crates at the...

Motorcycle & Car Display

Photo, boy with motor scooter, 20kB

Prized possessions will be polished off and presented for your pleasure.  This will be mainly a static display outside the Berkeley Arms, but who knows who we might be able to persuade to come for a ride along Wymondham's Main Street?

Bouncy Castle

In the Berkeley Arms garden or paddock.  Just the excuse to get your shoes off.  In fact, there should be a whole range of fairground entertainments, right down to candy floss for those who would never use the dental variety.  (Note to self: flog off remaining furniture to pay for dental plan.)


Also at the Berkeley, this should bring back memories for those who knew Wymondham at the time of the fabled Jubilee Pram Race.

Hand Bell Ringing

Listen out for a performance at the Berkeley Arms at about 3:45pm. The Hand Bell Ringers will have just performed at a Very Important Wedding at St Peter's Church, so you can pop along there at the end of the afternoon to admire the flowers and join in with the Gospel Singing Workshop at 5:00pm.

Games on the Village Green include...

Beat The Goalie

Note:  This will be accomplished with a football.  Please leave canes, sticks etc at home.

Throw A Sponge

Which village notables will step forward as potential targets?

Balloon Race

They can travel as far as Somerset, me Dear, so please return to this website for progress reports.

Guess The Weight Of The Sheep

At the time of writing it is unconfirmed whether or not Mr W Baines & Family will invite the winner to share a lamb hotpot on Sunday.

Junior Hobby Horse Race

Red Rum was once stabled at Wymondham Manor.  Not-a-lotta people knew that... until now.

Treasure Hunt

Loads of fun for your little treasures.

Beat The Buzzer

Your starter for ten...

Play Your Cards Right

... and you might...


The quest of many a Wymondham bachelor.  But will she have cause to...


Photo, Splat-The-Rat, 28kB

Stalls on the Village Green include...

  • Ambience from Wymondham Windmill
  • Belvoir Brewery Bottles
  • Books
  • Charity Greetings Cards
  • China & Furniture
  • Jams & Preserves
  • Jewellery
  • Organic Foods from Wymondham Windmill
  • Perfume
  • Pottery
  • Tea & Cakes
  • Tombola
  • Toys
  • Wymondham Players' display

Activities at the Village Hall...

Photo, Wymondham Village Hall, 14kB

The Village Hall is along Church Lane, and will be open from 11:00am until 4:30pm.  You'll find a cool place to stop for tea or coffee; stalls with cakes, books, jewellery, bric-a-brac; a tombola, toilets and telephone (not linked in any particular way); and members of the Red Cross to Ooh and Aah at your blisters and sunburn (or wet-rot).

Hank & Reg

Poster, 15kB

Our day-long festivities on 6th May, 2006 will culminate with a visit from Hank Wangford & Reg Meuross to Wymondham Village Hall.  Starting at 8pm, Hank and Reg will share with us their love of the dark heart of Country music.  They will sing their toetappers and tearjerkers, both solo and together, and there will also be book-readings, stories and even poetry.  So tie up your steed, stride in through the authentic swing doors, and settle down to enjoy two masters "picking at the miserable underbelly of country music".  CDs and other goodies should be available for fans old and new to purchase.  Yeehaw!

Activities at the Church...

Photo, St Peter's Church, 25kB

Gospel Singing Workshop

There'll be a wedding at St Peter's Church during the afternoon, but from about 4:00pm you'll be able to visit and admire the flowers and new kneelers, and join Paul Rush, the Evangelism Officer for the Church of England in Leicestershire, for a Gospel Singing Workshop at 5:00pm.

Photo, St Peter's Church, 82kB

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